SecureCinema enables Studios to securely stream and/or download full features or shorts worldwide while retaining complete control over viewing access. All content is encrypted and contains a configurable burn-in of the user’s name. The content owner can establish pre-set viewing windows and can monitor when content was viewed, or not viewed. Currently, SecureCinema is accessible on PC, Mac and iPad. Additional devices will soon be available.

Key Features

  • Viewing conditions can be changed on the fly by Deluxe or the content owner
  • The application can limit the number of devices a user can access thereby preventing the sharing of credentials.
  • Download functionality allows users with limited connectivity to view content offline while retaining complete control.
  • Personalized visible water-marking identifying the user is a strong deterrent to piracy.
  • Full reporting and metrics that are not available through traditional links or DVDs:
    1. Show when content has been viewed and how many times.
    2. Knowledge of the device used, number of views, and viewing habits of the user
  • Content can go from a London lab to buyers/voters around the world in hours.
  • Currently SecureCinema is accessible on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and TV out options like Chromecast and Apple TV”. Additional devices will soon be available.
  • Platform information

    SecureCinema™ is digital distribution platform created by Deluxe to provide highly secure screening experience around the world

    The platform allows for complete control over content availability, viewing windows, number of views and registered devices

    A visible highly customizable watermark containing user specific information, such as viewer’s name, acts as a deterrent to potential screener policy violators

    Screeners are encrypted using AES-128 US government standard encryption the moment they are sent out and stored encrypted on all the servers

    SecureCinema™ proprietary technology allows for highly configurable dynamic control patterns and real time usage reporting

    SecureCinema™ distribution network of content servers allows for optimal streaming performance anywhere in the world

    Pie Chart 1

    Content management allows for various asset/viewer level permission settings

  • View count
  • Passive expiration date
  • Active viewing window
  • Recall
  • Flexible dynamic burn-in patterns
  • Limited number of views
  • Limited number of devices
  • Pie Chart 2

    Administration and Reporting

  • User management (direct or integrated pass through)
  • Title management
  • Asset management
  • Content management
  • Reporting
  • Deluxe owns and operates its own private Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is used to distribute and serve encrypted content across the world