Deluxe Media is the industry leader in providing secure online screener solutions to clients across the world.

You don’t have to take our word for it, here are the facts

We have provided secure online screeners to more than 40 studios and production companies from A24 Films to Walt Disney and from AMC Networks to Netflix.

In the past three years SecureCinema™ Platform delivered over 1,000 movie titles to over 2,000,000 users in over 80 countries.

In 2015, SecureCinema provided online screeners for 12 Academy nominated films and 5 of the films nominated for Best Picture. These 12 films garnered 37 nominations and 10 wins.

SecureCinema™ platform serviced digital screeners to over 80 film festivals around the world.

We successfully provided digital screeners for awards purposes for the last 4 award seasons.

While other systems are just now being put together for 2015, it is going to be our 5th year!

In 4 seasons we’ve provided online screeners to over 10 Studios and Guilds.

Since our first project in 2011, SecureCinema™ has never had to an instance of piracy.

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Key Features

  • Viewing conditions can be changed on the fly by Deluxe or the content owner.
  • The application can limit the number of devices a user can access thereby preventing the sharing of credentials.
  • Download functionality allows users with limited connectivity to view content offline while retaining complete control.
  • Personalized visible water-marking identifying the user is a strong deterrent to piracy.
  • Full reporting and metrics that are not available through traditional links or DVDs:
    1. Show when content has been viewed and how many times.
    2. Knowledge of the device used, number of views, and viewing habits of the user.
  • Content can go from a London lab to buyers/voters around the world in hours.
  • Currently SecureCinema is accessible on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and TV out options like Chromecast and Apple TV”. Additional devices will soon be available.
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    In addition to secure cinema, Deluxe MediaStore which is a solution for catalog sales, marketing and distribution also provides screening services from the browser and a iPad & 2nd screen app for offline pitches and presentation on big screens.

    Key Features

  • Web-based solution.
  • Central Dashboard.
  • Analytics and Reports.
  • Rights Management and Avails.
  • Secure, multi-bitrate video streaming.
  • iPad application for offline pitches to customers.
  • 2nd Screen application for presentations.
  • Self-Serve transcode & delivery to broadcast and digital platforms.
  • Visible embedded watermarking.
  • Connected to Deluxe iTunes & Netflix delivery services.
  • MPAA-certified digital storage.
  • Hosting, support & maintenance fully covered with the monthly fee.
  • Sign Up and Start immediately via the web.
  • End-to-End solution from ingest to delivery.
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    Customer use case:

    The international Emmy’s uses Deluxe Media to manage and host the awards judging and screening process.