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Deluxe MediaCloud provides enterprise-grade playout, contribution and distribution services to content owners and broadcasters worldwide. Our quality of service is underpinned by the unique blend of technology and service innovation that has delivered success for Deluxe’s customers for over 100 years. We drive down content management and delivery costs and offer unrivalled speed-to-market through highly secure, private data centres worldwide. Our platform is robust and flexible, able to scale up and down as needs change.

Key elements

1. Delivery - Secure, customizable review and approval workflows.

  • PortaLive - virtual MCR that allows broadcasters to Monitor, Control and Record (MCR) all of their contribution and/or distribution network within a web-facing browser environment.

2. Playout - a software centric, highly scalable, resilient and feature rich playout platform.

  • Portal - orchestration and asset management suite of broadcasting tools presented through a web browser.

MediaCloud brings together non-proprietary IT technologies and highly robust media tools to deliver this proven broadcast service offering. Our aim is to continue to be the industry leader in TV technology and services. In our offering for broadcasters and content owners worldwide, we combine our managed services and technology leadership with strategic investments in playout operations, capability and competence. As your broadcast partner. We delivery content on time, anywhere and in any format. Maximising your audience across multiple digital platforms.

Platform history

A new addition to Deluxe is the GDMX Broadcast Center in Los Angeles. Now as a Deluxe brand, GDMX continues to demonstrate its unrivaled leadership as a center of excellence in broadcast distribution services. Leveraging its most recent acquisition of GDMX, Deluxe has the unique advantage of offering both IP and traditional satellite playout and transmission services. The GMDX Broadcast Center is the home of MediaCloud’s US Operations operating 24/7 as a global transformation point; cross-connecting terrestrial and satellite video distribution customers. GDMX offers domestic and international syndication playout, distribution, managed feed and downlink services as well as broadcast, cable and IP channel origination.

GDMX has a 25-year history as a center of technical innovation in media and entertainment. From its beginnings as a distribution center for Lorimar and Telepictures, GDMX went on to launch The WB Television Network in 1995 and authored the first ever DVD disc in 1996. In 1999, GDMX developed the first edge server for program delivery to broadcasters, and launched the PitchBlue long form delivery platform in 2009 which has become the industry standard for US Broadcast Stations. Today, GDMX is the largest broadcast syndication operation in the world.

As a global distribution company, Deluxe has solidified its unique position as the only true end to end supply chain provider of broadcast, theatrical and home entertainment services in the world.