Deluxe Localization provides our customers a worldwide service offering in over 50 languages for Theatrical, Home Entertainment, broadcast television and OTT. We have a worldwide translator base of 3,500 translators and offices around the world to meet your needs. Our philosophy of “Create Once, Repurpose Always” creates all original assets, including subtitled and dubbed tracks, once and then enabling the repurpose of those assets always - for all distribution channels. We strive to “Protect the Filmmaker’s Vision” and are committed to a model that properly creates subtitled and dubbed audio tracks that conveys their story to a worldwide audience.

  • Deluxe Audio Description service meets the theatrical and broadcast requirements for visually impaired consumers of content.
  • Real-time and offline bilingual captions, multilingual subtitles, transcription, language translation, proofreading and editing.
  • Combined Localization
    Deluxe Localization Services can be combined to become custom solution designed to meet your particular workflow.
  • Worldwide language translation and dubbing/mixing services of the highest creative and technical standards.
  • Scripting designed to provide translation flexibility.
  • Translation and 2D/3D subtitling services in over 60 languages for all platforms and formats.