As the leading secure review and approval platform for the entertainment industry, MediaVu® is the platform of choice for all the major studios, over 1,000 brands, 100 agencies, and all of the broadcast networks and cable stations.

Key Features

  • Faster responses
    • Networks have materials delivered to servers located on premises, alleviating delays associated with downloading materials and tracking undelivered emails with large attachments.
    • The MediaVu review process at the networks is much faster than conventional clearance workflow, allowing network editors to process MediaVu materials faster.
    • Immediate automatic notifications to the ad agency upon material review.
  • Simplified clearance process.
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
    • Behind-the-scenes network category assignment management.
    • Easy tracking of all communications and network responses.
  • Streamlined integration with all major stations
    • Full integration with NBC Advertising Standards.
    • Broadcast traffic systems integration with several networks for automatic approval for broadcast upon review.
  • Security
    • Files can’t be downloaded, forwarded, or used inappropriately.
    • Movie trailers, sensitive commercials (Apple new product line, Super Bowl spots, etc.), and all communications are kept secure within the system.