With a worldwide footprint of over 80 mixing stages and audio suites, Audio byDeluxe provides end-to-end sound services for the Motion Picture, Broadcast, Home Entertainment, International and Digital markets, Deluxe provides its clients the latest in post-production sound technology and service.

  • Up-mixing (7.1/5.1)
    Up-mixing from mono or stereo formats to 5.1 and or 7.1 yields great results and have never sounded better utilizing our industry leading up-mixing solutions.
  • Music Replacement
    When music needs to be replaced in your soundtrack due to licensing rights, Audio byDeluxe can seamlessly replace these music cues, matching the same style and beat.
  • Optical Soundtrack & Mechanics
    Our proprietary COSP-Xi 2k optical scanner has advanced scanning abilities, sophisticated user interface, and dedicated DSP, which can also correct a multitude of problems inherent in older optically recorded sound tracks with wow and flutter.
  • Digital Cinema Audio Mastering
    Digital audio mastering services efficiently convert and optimize your sound tracks into digital cinema formats. Audio byDeluxe can perform the digital watermarking and Hi mixes needed for your digital cinema releases.
  • ADR and VO Recording
    Our State-of-the-art sound stages can record individuals or groups with a large backfield for producers and supervision.
  • Dialogue Editorial
    We provide the most experienced dialogue editors for theatrical and episodic television in preparation to the final mix.
  • Sound Design and Sound Effects Editorial
    With a large sound library and the ability to record on location original sound effects, our expert editors will design, create and edit your soundtrack, complimenting the story-line for a seamless, exciting experience.
  • Foley Recording
    Through our extensive Foley library and experienced Foley recording technicians and artists, we can deliver original Foley for your feature and episodic television content. We can also provide M&E augmentation.
  • Mixing for Domestic and International – Including Dolby ATMOS
    No matter the size and scale of your project, Audio byDeluxe offers state-of-the-art theatrical, episodic television, and trailer mixing through our worldwide network of 37 integrated mixing stages. Several of the stages are equipped with Dolby ATMOS.
  • (4) Wall Mixing
    Should your project require union mixing and/or ADR services, Audio byDeluxe can meet your requirements through one of our many state-of-the-art mixing facilities.
  • Audio Mastering and Conforming
    Digital audio mastering services will conform and convert any audio tracks for all downstream media including Home Entertainment, OTT and VOD.
  • Restoration
    Through our advanced Digital Audio Workstations, Audio byDeluxe will digitize your analogue media and then meticulously remove or repair any imperfections or anomalies leaving only the original audio production. We have the most options for audio playback.
  • Music & Effects Augmentation
    Fully fill your M&E audio tracks to meet the critical demands of the global marketplace and to integrate with foreign language dubbing.