Deluxe creates immersive advanced format workflows tailored to the individual needs of our clients while taking advantage of the latest technologies and interactivity.

Deluxe delivers End-to-End content servicing to our clients through an unmatched extended family of products and services.

Technology Highlights

Dolby Vision Mastering

EDR Color Grading and Mastering for Warner Bros, Sony, Disney for theatrical, home entertainment and streaming.

2k to 4k upconversion / HD 4k upconversion

World class proprietary methods for superior quality scaling and Up-Res along with color space conversion 709 to 2020 or P3.

Advanced Format QC

Full EDR, HDR, 4k, UHD, DCP, IMF, and HEVC QC services.

DAP/ DCP /Di validation

Full QC, Conformance, Validation, Restoration and Compliance services for 4k Digital Archives.

HDR Color Grading and Encoding

UHD-BD / SCSA / Samsung TV Video Pack.

Netflix Preferred Vendor: NPV of the Year

Netflix’s top vendor for end-to-end supply chain from post through IMF, 4K, and localization (subtitling and dubbing).


Fine tuned compression, authoring, QC, and menu design.

4k-8K film scanning and Remastering

Full film, color, restoration, and mastering services.

Customer Solutions Highlights

DirecTV 4K

Encoding/package and delivery services for DirecTV’s 4k offering.

Comcast 4K

Encoding/packaging and delivery powering Comcast’s 4k/UHD Broadcast offering.


HDR color grading, encoding/packaging and delivery for AIV’s, UHD, and HDR streaming.